WarCraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Single Player Puds

Mini-Map Picture Name Download Size Description Created By
"....Not as it seems?!" Download 10kb Things are not always what they appear. Kal-El
"The Lord of the Rings" Download 80kb This 5 map collection (Black Forrest, Mordor, Rhn's Sea, Rohan, and Tolfalas) features certain parts out of the Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien Unknown
A New Hope Download 15kb There may be hope for your survival yet... Vorlon
Aegis Download 20kb This pud lets you utilized all 3 types of combat offered in Warcraft 2! Roger Wallace
Air Assault Download 15kb Assault force, by air. Corndog
Alamo Download 10kb Does history really repeat itself? Unknown
Amazing Download 15kb Manage your army of death through these bandit infested cliffs. Roger Wallace
Ambush Download 15kb Just good ole fighting. Hint: better build guard towers quick. And lots of them. Roger Wallace
Archer's Ride Download 20kb Even rock, that has survived over the millenia will seem to crumble like dry sand castle under this onslaught. Unknown
Ardoror Island Download 20kb By your self in uncharted waters, only a flimsy wall holds back the tide. But ironically, if you want to live you must break the wall. Unknown
Asterisk Download 15kb ******!! *** **** * *** ** ****!! Roger Wallace
ATTACK!!! Download 15kb Build up a good defense, but quickly, for an invasion is imminent. Kal-El
Baseball Download 15kb Don't strike out. Roger Wallace
Battle at Quell 'Thalas Download 25kb An Epic struggle to kill the beast of darkness. Not, cutting off any arms or legs, but the head (source) of this sedistic demon! Stephen Lee
Besieged Download 15kb Your fort is under HEAVY attack by an invasion force. An EXTREAMLY good introduction, a MUST have map! Vorlon
Bridges Download 15kb Don't burn your Bridges. Roger Wallace
ByLand Download 15kb Or maybe air... Roger Wallace
Camelot Download 15kb Assault on the fortress of Camelot. Roger Wallace
Camelot Download 20kb This mejestic kingdom known for its peace now must polish their blades and prepare for war... Unknown
Captured Download 10kb Your people have been rounded up and your captors are about to commit genocide! It's time common folk fought back! Kal-El
Center Download 15kb Convergence on the center. Roger Wallace
Chain of Island Download 10kb Is it even possible to get through their defences? Corndog
Chicago Download 15kb The divided city of Chicago. Roger Wallace

Good morning men,

Let's not beat around the bush. This has been a long war and we're running short of resources. Read that as cash.

We're to the point that the elven nation has said no gold, no alliance...
Roger Wallace
Civil War Download 10kb Over the years your people have been GREATLY mistreated, and ground under foot. It's time you took a stand and took the town...BY FORCE! Kal-El
Clash of the Titans Download 15kb The mighty powers of the Titans come head to head once again. But when the ashes clear, and the dust settles, will you be the one standing? Kal-El
Climax Download 10kb You have lost your way and find yourself surrounded in an Orc encampment. Better make a quick dash back to your fort before all your workes get killed. Kal-El
Clover Download 15kb No luck will be found with this clover. In fact, if it wasn't for bad luck you'd have no luck at at all. Roger Wallace
Competition is He#@ Download 10kb Who-ever said competition was a good thing? Kal-El
Conquest Download 20kb You have to travel and conquer - the enemy won't necessarily come after you at first. But they will be heavily fortified by the time you get to them. Roger Wallace
Continental Download 15kb The continents stand divided. You on one side. You enemies on the other. Kal-El
Cornered! Download 10kb With such evils running accross the land you've been backed into a corner. You now stand between a rock and a hard place. Vorlon
Creek Download 15kb No mighty river. Roger Wallace
Crossed Download 15kb Cross your partner and Doh-c-doh! Roger Wallace
Crusade Download 15kb >This pud is about Pope Urban II, who launched the 1st crusade in 1095 by saying, "Dieu Le Volt" (God Wills It) Roger Wallace
Cuba Download 15kb Pesky aliens. Always wanting what you've got. Roger Wallace
Defend Download 15kb You can't sit there all day Roger Wallace
Dragon Island Download 10kb This is where dragons come from. Corndog
Elven Forest Download 10kb The woodsman in these parts are quite unforgiving. Corndog
Enemies Download 10kb I'd hate to be a peon. Kal-El
Engage Download 15kb Hostile Engagements... Roger Wallace
Exodus Download 75kb This is a great 5 pud series! DanielAmbs
Genetics Warfare Download 15kb You must rescue your life friend, and save him from the demon of his own doing. The BEST pud ever!!! Excellent story line!! A MUST download!! Kal-El
Get Gold Download 10kb Isn't there more blasted gold in this forsaken wilderness?! Kal-El
Get Green Download 15kb This is best played with the "fog of war" turned ON. If it's turned off, you'll lose the surprises. First, get your transport through the maze to pick up your peon. Next, transport him to the gold mine, build a townhall, chop trees, build farms, barracks, and lots of troops. Then, go exploring to find the one green allie held captive. Kill everyone who gets in your way. Roger Wallace
Halifax Download 15kb Hail to the traitors and tyrants. Hail to fallen comrades. Hail to loser, hail to the victor. Shonie
Hectic Download 15kb Who...what....where...? Roger Wallace
LakeJump Download 20kb Two lone Knights, can they return to the safty of their town? If not, the battle is over before it began. Unknown
Little River Download 20kb Ye old twisting river. Corndog
Lost Valley Download 20kb A once forgotten valley-rediscovered. Unknown
Mad Max-play as human Download 15kb Play as the Humans in this low resource challenge! Mac Addict
Mad Max-play as Orc Download 15kb Play as the Orcs in this low resource challenge! Mac Addict
Maze-O-Trees Download 10kb Can you find your way around? And can critters be any more annoying? The answer: Yes. Vorlon
Michigan Download 15kb Conquest and rule Michigan, if you can...! Unknown
Middle Download 15kb "If you need me I'll be right here, stuck right here in the middle of this..." Roger Wallace
Mobs in Civilvill Download 10kb Geting mobbed by peasants! Kal-El
Mystic Water Download 15kb The depths of the ocean holds untold treasures, and untold horrors. Corndog
North East Download 15kb "Are you sure they said 'North-East'?" Roger Wallace
On Patrol Download 10kb Only the right man can save land from ancient prophecy. Are you this man?... or is one of the soliders around you he.? Kal-El
Opponents Download 20kb Your humble, and modest fishing kingdom has been over-run. You've retreated as far as you can, to the last corner of your land. You are done running. Now is the time to make your stand. You have been made weak over time, but stong in courage and purpose. Vorlon
Patton Download 15kb Gen. George S. Patton completed this campaign in 1944 with the 6th army; see if you can repeat the victory! Roger Wallace
Plains of Shanar Download 15kb Much strife and hardships await. Corndog
Strangford Download 20kb VERY hard, not for the light harted! Shonie
Quatro Download 15kb 1, 2, 3..... uh what comes after 3? Roger Wallace
Renagade Download 20kb Ye need to put some skin on them bones of yours. Kal-El
Rescue Mission Download 20kb You were separated from the main body of the army, and a good thing too. The rest were abmushed by the Hord. Many were slaughtered before they even had a chance. The rest were scattered and some were captured. Your job is to liberate your comerads and take vengence on the Hord!! Kal-El
Retreat Download 10kb Hopefully you are strong enought so that you do not have to use your fall back possition. Roger Wallace
Retribution Download 10kb A heroic set of 5 puds based around taking revenge against those who so mercilessly slaughtered helpless peasants. And all you could do was watch.
*Requires the Expansion CD to play*
Revenge Download 20kb Your twin city was slaughtered and turned into rubble, now it is time to administer the harsh, sharp sword of justice and REVENGE! Unknown
Run Hide Download 15kb "You better be good, you better not cry, you better go run an' hide!" Roger Wallace
Sacrifice Download 15kb And with your blood it will be complete. Roger Wallace
Sangtum Download 15kb A "historic" single player PUD. A 26 year old Carthaginiaeneral named Hannibal started this one by traipsing his elephants over the Alps in 221 BC during the Punic Wars. He didn't fare so well - see if you end up eating elephant sandwiches Roger Wallace
Sawmill Download 15kb Maybe you should get yours built first... Roger Wallace
Sherwood Forest Download 15kb Defeat the Hord you must, yes. Vorlon
Siege Download 15kb Not again.... Roger Wallace
Suicide's Pass Download 10kb To try and use the narrow mountain pass near your town would be suicide! Vorlon
Surprize! Download 15kb Unexpected happenings. Kal-El
Target Download 10kb Ready! Aim! Fire! Roger Wallace
Tempest Download 15kb Master the tempest is raging...

The single player version of this 6 player map.
Roger Wallace
The Awakened Heroes Download 25kb The Heroes have risen.
*Requires the Expansion CD to play*
The Cold War Crisis Download 10kb Can you as the U.S. take on the Soviet Union and it's allies? Kal-El
The Dawn Of Time Download 10kb It's the dawn of time and resources are few and far between. Technology isn't easy to come by, when you do get is it sure comese with a hefty price tag. Vorlon
The Great Rescue Download 15kb The Hord is everywhere! It's over running Azeroth and you are one of the last remaining human kindoms. Unite your brethren and hold the line against the impending darkness. Corndog
The Trators Download 15kb A small band of peons has broken off from the town. Now they're trapped and you need to decide if they're worth the trouble or should you let the traitors die... Corndog
The Winds Of Change Download 15kb The Hord has decided to weed out it's weaker and unequal clan members (you). The Human caught drift of this, and voted to send two leagons in to your aid, hoping to turn the tide... Vorlon
There's No Time To Be Rational! Download 5kb If you only had more time...
*Requires the Expansion CD to play*
Tilde Download 15kb Don't wory (it may be used in Math) but this sure isn't one of those crapy 'Educational Games' (well, 'Educational' is a matter of opinion, now isn't it?) Roger Wallace
TOO THE HILLS!! Download 10kb They always say that higher ground is safer, and not being right next to an enemy sword. Kal-El
Under Water Download 10kb Many dark things lurk in the ocean, and many unseen things. Corndog
Unknown Forest Download 5kb What you don't know CAN hurt you. Corndog
Vertigo Download 15kb Vertigo:

Roger Wallace
Vicious Download 15kb Vicious fighting awaits, beconing great warriors. Roger Wallace
Waste Land Download 15kb So much fighting has turned this land into waste, but there is still much more blood to be spilt! Corndog
Waterloo Download 10kb Hopefully you won't share Napoleon's fate. Unknown
Waterworld Download 15kb So much water. Should your attack be by sea or air? What will come for you, air or sea? Or will you just bide your time and prepair? Or will the attack even come at all.... Kal-El

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